Citizenship Application – UPDATE


On 24th May 2023 the Department of Justice provided updated guidelines for those making an application for citizenship. The documentary requirements have changed and we hope this short post can assist you in understanding these changes. 


Identity Documents


All applicants must establish their identity by providing documents to obtain a score of 150 points. A certified colour copy of the biometric page of an in-date home country passport will earn 150 points. All other identity documents have a lesser points score and will require applicants to submit multiple identity documents. A full list of identity documents and scores can be viewed here; Citizenship-Guidance-Document.pdf (




Refugees will not be in a position to prove their identity by providing an in-date home country passport. Refugees can instead submit a certified copy of their Irish issued travel document, the declaration of refugee status along with a passport affidavit to meet the scorecard requirement. 


This sworn passport affidavit must include the following information: a) Full name – any other names previously used and the reason for change i.e. marriage. b) Date of birth or any alternative dates of birth previously used. c) Reason passport cannot be obtained. d) Circumstances of arrival in the State.


Residency Documents


All applicants must now provide two types of documents as proof of residency for each year of reckonable residency. A score of 150 points should be obtained for each year made up of Type A AND Type B documents. Type A documents include; Employment Detail Summary and Bank Statements. Type B documents include; utility bills, rent agreements and credit card statements. A full list of the documents can be viewed here: Citizenship-Guidance-Document.pdf (


In exceptional cases where the points requirement for residency cannot be met an affidavit can be submitted. The Citizenship unit will assess each case on a case-by-case basis.


Please contact us if you require assistance with the affidavits mentioned above. We can also assist you with the preparation and submission of the citizenship application. 

Email Siobhán at [email protected] or call 01 6174820.